Importing DLDOS dataloss.csv into MySQL

I've been a big fan of's Errata: (DLDOS: Data Loss Database - Open Source) data set for a long time. When I first started working with it, I wanted something more friendly than just the straight CSV file to crunch. As a result, I created a very simple MySQL schema to hold it and wrote some simple bash scripts to get the data imported. It got more complicated following an aborted Ruby on Rails project due to the addition of reference tables for id values and data type checks.

I noticed that there still doesn't appear to be any publically available scripts to import the 'dataloss.csv' into a MySQL database, so I went ahead and bundled up what I had. These scripts are pretty rough and the documentation is limited, so you'll want to look at the source to answer any questions.

You can download the package directly: dldos-db-mysql-0.1.tar.gz (sig). See the README for more information.

Eventually, I'd like to consolidate the scripts into a single utility that could handle the entire import process. Hopefully, what I've posted will be of use to someone.

Posted by gfleischer on 2008/03/09 at 23:19 in Utilities


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